At Mr.Mousepad two things are guaranteed: Reliable fast delivery times and best quality. We are continuously working on expanding our range. We listen to our customers and their suggestions and ideas to implement and make possible with us priority. In order to print our mousepads, we usually use our high-quality 160g paper. This is high quality, perfect for the surface and ensures a long durability of the mousepads advertising material.
There is also an alternative to the paper, which extends the long-lasting durability of the mousepads. The talk is about plastic paper. The great advantage - besides the durability - of this material is a shiny surface.
For a small extra charge, you will get your mouse pads printed on this paper in the usual quality and delivery time. Please ask for your sample today.
Customizable! Nowhere more uncomplicated than with Mr.Mousepad.

Did you know? Only with Mr. Mousepad you have absolute production security. We send a quality sample of the mousepad in the individual design of the customer before each order release. You have the sample immediately on the next working day in the post for approval.
Please request your samples directly.
Do you have questions about how to print your custom mousepads? We are always happy to help with the design.
Our graphic designers have been experts in this field for years and have the opportunity to implement any design concept for your mousepad. Take advantage of the over 100 dies we have in stock. Make your mousepads as a means of advertising unique and unforgettable for your customers.